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Unboxing and Broadfork Review from Bricks to Soil Regenerative Farms

treadlite broadfork - 30 inch frog bench.jpg__PID:28795d4d-8dee-40de-9924-b155fe17d4d4

@frogbenchfarms (utah)

Our most beloved tool on the farm. Upgraded to a Treadlite Broadfork and we are never looking back.

Treadlite Broadfork - 5 tine cultivator .jpg__PID:795d4d8d-ee40-4ed9-a4b1-55fe17d4d44a

@selahflowerfarm (pennsylvania)

New Treadlite Broadfork,
I'm really liking it!

treadlite broadfork before soil_JPG.jpg__PID:332e623e-213b-48e1-ace2-c4854ab55fc6

@jay_everett400 (Alabama)

Before... an old wood burn pile.

treadlite broadfork after soil_JPG.jpg__PID:4c332e62-3e21-4b78-a16c-e2c4854ab55f

@jay_everett400 (Alabama)

After... organic spinach plot
prepped in 9 minutes

treadlite broadfork - 30 inch - broken f.jpg__PID:8a8d3bb9-b819-4fa4-9fc0-69e4283fcd67

@brokenforkfarmnj (New Jersey)

My FAVORITE tool in the shed! My broadfork from @treadlitebroadfork! With our minimal tillage policy this is the perfect tool!

Broadfork - Treadlite Review.jpg__PID:322fdd75-f9f5-4442-8223-ffdfa7dd92bd

I got home yesterday after picking up the broadfork and in two hours I had the entire area prepped and potatoes planted! --Cecilia K. (Wisconsin)

Loving your Broadfork! Digging to plant kale beans and carrots. It came at the perfect time. Works nice barefooted. Thanks! --Mark B. (Maine)


Here is a time lapse of my wonderful wife (@yurt.momma) prepping some new garden beds with the Treadlite broadfork and getting some #farmfit exercise in at the same time. 💪💪🏡 -- Mike D. @the_fit_farmer_ (North Carolina)

Click the link below to read a review on the Treadlite Broadfork from Colorado State University Extension in their Horticultural Newsletter:


treadlite broadfork gvharvests_JPG.jpg__PID:43234a62-2595-48dc-b132-d8560552ee3c

I think the Treadlite Broadfork is the best product on the market and I'm very happy with the tool... lightweight, durable, and easy to use. I love your product and have recommended it to a dozen or so curious gardeners already this season. I'm grateful every time I can leave the rototiller at home and just take the bed rake and the broadfork to go prep a bed without the use of fossil fuels. -- Cameron T. @gvharvests (Virginia)

Treadlite Broadfork - 4 tine_JPG.jpg__PID:e8a34646-76a7-462e-ab26-573be20494ab

My secret to growing carrots in the Ozarks: the Treadlite broadfork. The results are undeniable and it’s a great workout -- @rivermeadefarms (Missouri)

treadlite broadfork talon_JPG.jpg__PID:a3464676-a736-4eeb-a657-3be20494ab3f

I highly recommend getting a broadfork. It is probably my number one tool. -- Mike D. @the_fit_farmer_ (North Carolina)

Best Broadfork - Treadlite Broadfork Rev.jpg__PID:53e8a346-4676-4736-aeeb-26573be20494

We are loving our Treadlite Broadfork! Highly recommended. -- Hanna S. @archiesacres (Illinois)

I have to say that I don't often make a bigger purchase meant just for me, but felt like I'd found the right one when I came across your broadforks. It met the criteria of an ideal purchase: long-lasting and of renewable resources, from a small business, made relatively locally.... the attention to detail in packaging alone was spot on with my values. We assembled it and I tried it out immediately. Best purchase I have ever made! --Betsy W. (Minnesota)

Just got my new 30" broad fork today and let me tell you, great job! Helped amend the soil like nothing else! -- Dolan S. (Kentucky)

My wife and I took turns broadforking our main garden at 5,000 sq ft of ground riddled with red clay that hasn't been worked before and was previously cattle pasture and a hay field so it has been well compacted over the years. Also, we did 2 satellite gardens that were 15'x50' each. This Treadlite broadfork even outlasted my homemade all steel version! I am VERY PLEASED with the performance of this broadfork... and we were driving this thing HARD! Tines, tubes, and all welds held and look great!... Great product, I'll be recommending your company to my family and friends! And buying a second for myself later. Thank you very much! -- Tim P. (Missouri)

Received the broad fork today, well done... Great design, well executed, packed correctly, it is a 10. So thank you! -- Corry W. (Kentucky)

Yesterday I did 2-65'x30" rows. I think it's a keeper, thank you much! My mother is 64 and she came by and tried it out. She's getting one. Lord bless you guys. -- Roger L. (Georgia)

I purchased one of your Talon broadforks in May and I couldn't be more satisfied! I forked 900' of corn beds that were heavily compacted from several years of hay production, and your product made the work quicker and easier. The 12" tines are longer than those on other more expensive broadforks, and I love the light-weight design. Keep up the good work! -- Dan M. (Nebraska)

Just got my order in today and couldn't wait to put it to work. Deep dug all 8 of my prepared manured beds and then dug a 50 foot row for potatoes in dryish soil all in 45 minutes. This thing is sweet guys! Nicely done. Bye-bye Troy Bilt...hello peace, quiet, and good old garden work. -- Jeremy S. (West Virginia)

Thank you Travis, Ashley, and even Brooke and Lily, for such a fine tool. I used it for the first time today and it was a joy. Also very impressed with how quickly it arrived. I didn't expect it until next week. As I used it today it caused me to wax poetic...well...sort of. :) My Treadlite Broadfork; how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

1. You don't ruin my soil structure like my tiller did.
2. You go down 12 inches into the hard clay and rock earth to break up the hard pan created from using my tiller for many years that only went down 4-6 inches.
3. As I'm breaking ground and find those darn field bindweed ("morning glory") roots, I can pick them out in large strands rather than have them all chopped up and replanted the way my tiller used to do.
4. When I loosen the soil and find worms, they are whole, not chopped my tiller used to do.
5. You are so well built. Sturdy and strong. I've seen cheaper broadforks, but that's just what they were..."cheap". Yes, my Treadlite Broadfork, I do love thee!
Really, though, those are all true statements. I'm so glad I spent a few extra dollars and got a quality implement that I know will last for generations. Well done and Thank you! -- Robert K. (Utah)

One word: Awesome! I have been gardening with double-dug beds for the past 8+ years and today was by far the easiest time I have had with spring bed preparation... thanks for making an incredible tool at a reasonable price. -- Mike H. (Tennessee)

Very impressed with the construction. I did not realize how heavy duty the fork would be. Very well built and very well packed. I got it put together and tried it in a row in the garden. Excellent! It is previously worked soil, though not to the depth the fork penetrated to. Very satisfied and looking forward to warmer weather when I can do the entire garden. -- Keith S. (Nebraska)

Really am very pleased with the Treadlite broadfork. Very well constructed. Not pitch forky like some other brands. I was able to break through my hard sod like butter. Plus your shipping service was incredible. Got my shipment 2 weeks sooner than I thought. And I live all the way in Hawaii. A person could easily start a small farm with this Broadfork. Thank you very much. -- Mark K. (Hawaii)

I love my new broadfork! The new beds are as soft as can be a full 12" deep. Both beds took 4" of compost and left only about 1/4" on the surface. What a joy to plant in. -- William F. (Texas)

Excellent product! Assembly was simple. My wife and I have both used it to work up a newer area of our garden. It's much easier than hauling out the tiller. -- Michael P. (Arkansas)

This is a wonder... I can till our heavy clay soil without ever lifting the soil. It also eliminated the back-twisting that goes with turning over soil with a spade. -- Martha M. (Oregon)

Very handy in raised beds where the tiller is a bit too much. Plus I turned up some potatoes that were missed in the first pass. - Sheldon T. (Georgia)

Who wants to wear babies while operating a rototiller? Not me. But with my new broadfork- you bet. Thank you Treadlite for a great product. ‪#‎babywearing‬‪#‎carrythem" -- Mandi B. (Pennsylvania)

This TreadLite broad fork is a bruiser. It makes "light" work out of opening up "heavy" compacted soils. It is incredibly effective and efficient at completing the subsurface soil management it has been designed to do. I would most highly recommend this tool for its intended job and am confident it will be effective in all types of soil. -- Joseph S.


I have been looking at broadforks for months, but the price of this one caught my eye... It has scythe shaped tines for greater strength, instead of what looks like rebar. This is hands down the best thing I have bought for the garden, with the next being the drip lines. I have very rocky soil and was trying to dig a new flower bed. This went down to the hilt with little effort, and made short work of this project. I can't say enough good things about this. My neighbor came over and saw me using it, now she wants one. Thanks for a great product. -- Satisfied eBay Customer

"I have just received a broadfork that we ordered. It looks beautiful! I appreciate your craftsmanship." -- Steve Crofter (Singing River Farm, Vermont)

Love my new broadfork. It is amazing how fast it is to use. We have "gravelly loam" soil - which is a nice way of saying it is mostly rock. I was able to dig up a 6x12 foot section of raw soil in less than half an hour. ... Very sturdy and does not bend in even rocky soil.
-- Julie H. (Utah)

Where I live it’s mostly clay soil and much like cement for most of the year. I’ve tried tillers but they seem to bounce more than dig. ... The Treadlite Broadfork is a seriously heavy duty ground eating tool. It’s well built, easy to use and breaks through Virginia clay with ease. My 8 year old son was able to work a 50 sq/ft area on his own. He enjoyed the work so much I was hard pressed to get him off it. I was also able break ground in an afternoon for a 50 cubic foot pond that we were setting up in the vegetable garden. If you are looking for a quality tool at a great price I recommend buying the Treadlite Broa'dfork. The only reservation I might have now that I own one is it makes a lot of projects around the house possible which means more work for me! --Sollya2002

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