How the Treadlite Broadfork is Made...

The Treadlite Broadfork Head:

  • Lightest Broadfork in it's class
     Care has been taken to use the highest grade materials from Gr 80 HSLA Steel Tines, ASTM A519 Tubing and Chromoly Tubing (think NASCAR roll cage) we have sourced some of the highest grades available to provide flawless operation for years to come.
Treadlite Broadfork - Building a broadfo.jpg__PID:4abb832e-ec4f-4cd9-b7bc-589a3bfab2b9
  • "Through Tube" Technology
     Provides superior strength as the socketed handle mount is inserted through the tube rather than relying on welds alone.
    Does not allow moisture build-up in the tube or socket ensuring your handles will remain dry and not rot over time.
  • Geometric design
    The handle socket that goes through the step tube creates a stronger joint on the Treadlite Broadfork. The socket weld is almost unnecessary unlike other broadforks on the market that could fail over time due to a reliance on welds.
  • Made in America
    Cut, welded and painted in Wisconsin
  • Grade 80 steel provides maximum toughness and corrosion resistance
    Made from the same steel as our military Humvee replacements
  • Powder coat finish
    Protects your tool year after year
  • Round step tube
    Provides a continuous surface on which to apply force at any angle
  • Tine lengths are true 12" actual length from the step tube
treadlite broadfork - in the workshop_JP.jpg__PID:3f4dadde-34b7-4710-9d8c-09c66e6def56

The Handles:

  • Wood Handles are milled from straight grain North American White Ash
    Harvested by a family logging business in Eastern Maine
    Same as the bats in the major leagues due to durability, strength, and lightweight
  • Steel handles are made from high strength chromoly steel
    Same as used in race cars for its strength and lightweight
  • All are 48" length
    Great leverage in a compact package