Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: Do you have a warranty?

A: YES we do! Our Treadlite Tough Warranty covers your new Treadlite Broadfork head and steel handles for life! That's right... for life! We have that much faith in the strength our broadfork that we know it will be successful for you. If you do come into an issue under regular use of your broadfork we will be happy to work with you to repair or replace your Treadlite Broadfork head or steel handles. Specifics are below:

  • Limited to one replacement
  • Please email all warranty questions to
  • Shipping costs will be calculated and invoiced at the time of warranty claim
  • Friendly reminder: Your new broadfork is intended for use in soil aeration, tilling soil and harvesting.
    1. It is not intended for use in removal or rocks, trees, shrubs or other perennial plants.
    2. If you do experience resistance in the soil be it rock, tree root or UBO (unidentified buried object) while using your broadfork we recommend removing the tool from the soil and re-setting.
  • Your broadfork is not intended to be used as a pry bar.
  • Not covered under the warranty includes: ash wood handles, corrosion/rust, or use of the broadfork with powered implements.

Q: What are your shipping policies?

A: *FREE SHIPPING ON ALL TREADLITE BROADFORKS! We do ship international as well, please contact us for adjusted international rates for your country.
     *Typical shipment is within 3-5 business days of your order on all in stock items.
     *If an item is "in production" we are currently manufacturing this model broadfork. You can still place an order of an "in prouction" tool and we will ship as soon as manufacturing is complete.
     *Priority shipping brings you to the top of the shipment queue and is available as a shipping upgrade upon check-out.
     *PLEASE NOTE: Shipping times may vary throughout the year due to demand. As always, our family will work as quickly as possible to pack and ship out all orders with care and timeliness.
     *Tracking information will be emailed for both packages (head and handles ship separately) as soon as your order is packed for shipment.
     *Once your broadfork has shipped we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. We do offer signature upon delivery to avoid any possible package theft - this is available as a shipping upgrade upon check-out.

Q: What are the benefits of the powder coat finish?

A: Our classic blue powder coat finish is one of the longest lasting, and most color-durable quality finishes available on virtually any type of metal. Powder coating has a high resistance to weather, corrosion, and chemicals making it a durable long-term finish. Being that your broadfork will be put through rigorous digging in the soil it will overtime show wear and can be touched up with either paint or an oil based coating.

Q: What are the benefits of the organic natural coat finish?

A: Our all-natural coat finish is our own mix of tung oil and beeswax. We ensure a high quality finish through hand-applying each broadfork in our natural coating mixture before heat drying to create a high strength adhesion. We liken this coating to an oil coating on a cast iron pan, it will eventually show wear over time and can be touched up with oil. Click the link here to watch a video on an easy guide on seasoning a cast iron pan.

Q: What are the benefits of wood handles?

A: Our ash wood handles provide superior strength in a lightweight package, making easier work for you than any other broadfork on the market! Wood handles give optimal grip and feel wonderfully natural in your hands, really allowing you to feel the soil loosen as you work through your beds. Plus for cool spring or fall weather the wood handles excel without being cold in your hand.

Q: What are the benefits of steel handles?

A: Our alloy steel handles are a new offering per customer requests over the years from market farmers. While they do not have the natural feel and lighweight of our original wood handles, these handles are truly indestructible! Our steel handles are removable and interchangeable with our wood handles, so you can switch out your handles depending on the type of digging you will be doing that day. The all-steel Treadlite Broadfork is designed for breaking new ground, commercial applications, market farmers, or when your broadfork will be used by multiple users over large spaces. An additional 3 lbs is added by upgrading to steel handles.

Q: Why is your step tube round?

A: First, when digging repeatedly into your soil our round step tube makes your job the most comfortable on your foot, allowing symmetrical pressure with your foot when pushing the head of the broadfork into the soil.

Second, do not be fooled that your foot will slip off a round tube if your broadfork is wet... if indeed your broadfork is wet your foot has a larger footprint on a round tube than on the abrupt corner point of a square tube.

Third, when designing and engineering the Treadlite Broadfork we looked to nature for inspiration. Stems, branches and trunks are all examples of round tube strength in nature rather than square tube with flat sides and hard corners.

* Low growing mints being an exception

Q: How do I use a broadfork?

A: Check out the videos on our home page to see it in use. Click here for a quick example video.

    Step 1: Using two hands drop your broadfork on into the soil of your garden bed
    Step 2: With either foot step on to the round step tube, pressing the tines of your broadfork further into the soil
    Step 3: Use the wood handles as a lever to wiggle for areation or by pushing down towards the soil as the tines of the broadfork break apart the soil more fully
    Step 4: Step backwards and Repeat

*Be sure to take notice all of the worms that emerge whole and uninjured as you aerate your soil with your broadfork!

Q: Will the Treadlite Broadfork work in my hard clay soil?

A: YES! We have hard red clay soil here in WI where we have designed and tested each model of Treadlite Broadfork. If you're working in heavy clay soil you are probably familiar with how concrete-like it can be. For best and easiest results tilling with your Treadlite Broadfork you will want your moisture content to be "just-right", like after a light rain or watering when the soil softens a little but hasn't become gooey and muddy.

Another point to consider is what style of tilling you are hoping to do with your Treadlite Broadfork. We have different models and wood/steel handles just for this reason. If you are hoping to do more ground breaking and loose tilling we highly recommend our 20" wide - 4 tine broadfork, our other models will all offer a finer tilling but will have more resistance in heavy clay soil.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: In case of a need to return your new Treadlite Broadfork we do accept returns. Please contact us for the return shipping address, in most cases you can use the original packaging and send it back with the carrier of your choice. If your broadfork is in unused, new condition a full refund will be issued on your purchase price. If your broadfork is in gently used condition a partial refund will be issued on your purchase price.

Q: What are your purchase terms and conditions?

A: When you purchase a Treadlite Broadfork there are NO hidden fees, NO extra shipping and NO extra handling or packaging costs. Your broadfork will be shipped in 2 packages, steel head and handles ship separately. As soon as your broadfork order has been packed for shipment you will receive shipment confirmation emails with tracking on both packages. We ship with UPS, USPS and FedEx - if you have a preferred carrier please make a note with your purchase.

Q: Do you offer discounts for bulk orders or wholesale pricing?

A: Yes! We have a wholesale program with discounted pricing for resellers or for farmers who may want multiple broadforks for their farm. Please read more about it by CLICKING HERE and contact us for more information .

Q: What type of payment do you accept?

A: We accept all major credit cards and PayPal payment. If you prefer to mail a check contact us and we can provide you with mailing information to send in payment.