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Market Gardener Treadlite Broadfork

Maintain Soil Structure

Broadfork to loosen the soil without disturbing the natural layers

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20 wide treadlite broadfork

20" wide

4 and 5 Tine Models

Maneuverable, lightweight, available in 12" and 14"
tine lengths.

Treadlite Broadfork 6 Tine - IG Planted_



6 Tines

Perfect fit for single pass tilling in your 30" wide beds. 

Treadlite Broadfork 30 inch wide Market Gardener.JPG

30" wide

7 Tines

Perfect fit for single pass tilling in your 36" wide beds. 

Trusted by Farmers and Gardeners Like You

A Treadlite Broadfork is an essential tool to promote soil health through regenerative agriculture practices

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Treadlite Broadfork Family.jpg

Created by gardeners for gardeners

We are a small family run business building broadforks in Wisconsin.  From our garden to yours, our goal is to promote healthy soil with a focus on form, function and sustainability. 

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