The Treadlite Broadfork... created by gardeners for gardeners!

Our mission is to provide a high strength, lightweight broadfork backed by our Treadlite Tough Lifetime Guarantee. From our garden to yours, our goal is to promote healthy soil with a focus on form, function and sustainability.
Together let’s “tread-litely” upon our soil, happy digging!

Get to know us... 

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Garden lover, Engineer, Weld & Fabrication, Customer Service

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Garden lover, Customer Service, Shipping & Logistics

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Our Farmhers

Garden lovers, Shipping assistants, Farmers in training, Lead taste testers of all home-grown veggies and fruits

and our growing Treadlite Family

Thank you to all the gardeners who have joined the Treadlite Family! Treadlite Broadforks are now digging in every state in the USA as well as Canada, Central America, Europe, Africa, and most recently French Polynesia!

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How it all Began

The Treadlite broadfork began one sunny afternoon in our backyard garden when Travis suggested the tool to ease the work of prepping our soil for planting. Being a fabricator and welder by trade and gardener by passion Travis decided to build us a broadfork of our own. After seeing how efficiently our broadfork turned the soil soon our neighbors and family were requesting broadforks too. From here Treadlite Broadforks was born and our gardening family has continued to grow across the United States, Canada and Central America.

Our broadforks are entirely American Made - from domestically sourced materials to full fabrication and finish coating right here in Wisconsin. The Treadlite Broadfork collection has been designed and built by gardeners for gardeners. So from our garden to yours we know you will love a Treadlite Broadfork!

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