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Red Fern Farm

Vanessa and Andy Borak Family

Red Fern Farm is a certified Naturally Grown, family owned and operated micro-farm in Virginia's New River Valley area. The Borak family works together to grow natural, pesticide free flowers and food for their local community. At Red Fern they believe in No Till, No Spray, and Human Powered growing - we love it!

Some of their offerings include honey, eggs from their pasture raised chickens, a variety of produce and naturally grown flowers. If you are local in Virginia be sure to check them out at the Radford Farmers Market on Saturdays from April - October. The Borak family also believes in education and is working to expand their farm operations to include a wash-pack and teaching classroom. If you head over to their IG page or their website you'll enjoy learning more about their family, their farming journey and tips/advice on small scale farming.

They have some great videos on their IG as well using their Treadlite broadfork to prep their beds and aid in harvest at Red Fern Farm. Thanks for being part of the Treadlite Family!

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