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Lumnah Acres

Al and Gina Lumnah

Al is a very down to earth farmer who on his website explains his health struggles and his journey to a healthier lifestyle through farming and intentional living on his family's modern homestead. His story is inspirational and hits close to home with many of us who long for natural and wholistic approach to health and wellness. They use their Treadlite Broadforks on their farm and have a great video using the 7 tine and 5 tine models here:

On their site you can find a little bit of everything related to modern homesteading including how-to educational videos, tool recommendations, recipes, personal stories and awesome merchandise! Be sure to check it out!

Thank you Lumnah Family for being awesome and sharing your journey, tips and advice with all of us who strive for a healthier and happier life through homesteading!

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