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Garden Variety Harvests

Cameron Terry

Locals in Roanoke City can apply through their website to become a Garden Variety Harvest Farmer and join their farming collective. Once becoming one of the Garden Variety Harvest farms Cameron and his team will transform the once boring grassy yard into a thriving garden and give the land-owner back a weekly basket of assorted produce collected from their farms. Cheers to less mowing grass, growing food by locals for locals and giving back to the community!

If you live in the area and maybe don't want to join the farm collective but are interested in some delicious fresh, local produce from Garden Variety Harvest farms, you are in luck! You can find them at the Grandin Village Farmers Market and the LEAP Mobile Market, as well as on the menu at Rockfish Food & Wine, Blue 5, Montano's International Gourmet, and The River and Rail.

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