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Farmer Spotlight


Big Pond Farm

Mike and Lacie Dickson

Mike @the_fit_farmer_ and Lacie Dickson @yurt.momma are farmers and homesteaders on their
farm, Big Pond Farm, in Concord, North Carolina. They are a nature loving family who left hustle and
bustle of city life for the country homesteading life.


Natures Always Right

Steven Cornett

Steven Cornett is an urban farmer and permaculturist in San Diego, CA. He has converted his
backyard into a 3000 sq ft no till market garden in which he grows produce for local San Diego
restaurants, families and the La Mesa farmers market.


Garden Variety Harvests

Cameron Terry

Cameron D. Terry is an urban farmer in Virginia and the founder of Garden Variety Harvests @gvharvests in Roanoke City, VA. Their motto is "EAT YOUR YARD" and Cameron is working with people in his local community to make the most of potential urban growing spaces around the city.


Red Fern Farm

Vanessa and Andy Borak Family

Red Fern Farm is a certified Naturally Grown, family owned and operated micro-farm in Virginia's New River Valley area. The Borak family works together to grow natural, pesticide free flowers and food for their local community. At Red Fern they believe in No Till, No Spray, and Human Powered growing. #farmfit


Lumnah Acres

Al and Gina Lumnah

Al and Gina Lumnah along with their daughter are a homesteading family in MA who started out looking to provide their family with healthier food and lifestyle. Their motto is "Finding a Better Way" and they work through their YouTube videos and blog to document their journey and help encourage others who are also looking for self sufficiency through homesteading.

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