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  • Ashley

Little Boo

It seems our jack-o-lanterns wanted a little more Halloween fun this year with new costumes... SNOWMEN! ;)

Halloween with kiddos is filled with excitement, traditions and of course lots and lots of candy - ugh not good for a post-partum Mommy who loves chocolate but is trying to eat healthy. But temptations aside, we had lots of fun this year carving our pumpkins as the girls really got into it for the first time. They loved scooping out the guts of their pumpkins and designing their faces that we carved together. With a grand finale of lighting the candles and checking out their "spooooky" pumpkins, with lots of yells of "BOO".

Then being the book loving teacher-mom that I am, my favorite part of this tradition is ending the night snuggled in front of the fireplace with my littles reading Little Boo by Stephen Wunderli. It is an super cute story about a pumpkin seed who wants to be scary but has to grow up and practice patience before he can do any scaring. A great lesson to the kiddos on patience and perseverance. Click the picture of the book below to check it out and get your own copy here:

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