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  • Ashley

Goodnight Garden

In honor of one of our girls' favorite books, Goodnight Moon, one which we have read so many times we can read it in our sleep we thought it would be fun to change up the words as we put our garden to bed for the season. ;)

Until next year garden, thanks for a great season!


In our great backyard, there is a garden and a shed and a coop

filled with fluffy chickens

And there is a a big furry dog running through the grass

And two little girls harvesting the last of the vegetables

And a set of swings under the tall oak tree

And a Mom and a Dad and a sweet little babe

And a soft breeze bringing in that crisp fall air.

Goodnight garden,

Goodnight shed,

Goodnight coop filled with fluffy chickens

Goodnight big furry dog

Goodnight little girls

Goodnight swings and goodnight oak tree

Goodnight Mom and goodnight Dad

Goodnight plants

Goodnight little babe

And goodnight to the soft breeze bringing in that crisp fall air

Goodnight flowers

Goodnight sun

Goodnight summer everywhere!

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