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We are super excited to begin offering our ALL STEEL Treadlite Broadfork model! This has been a long time coming and in all honesty, we wrestled with the concept of moving away from exclusively offering wood handles as we love the feel of a natural wood handle in our hands while we are working. After much thought, deliberation, and customer requests we have decided it is time to offer a steel handle upgrade as an option specifically deigned for small market farmers and commercial use.

While working on the all steel broadfork roll-out we really wanted to stay true to what makes us special, a high-strength but hyper-light broadfork. So we are happy to share the best part of these new handles are that they are made from high-strength chromoly steel, adding only 2 lbs of overall weight! Oh and did we mention they are interchangeable with the wood handles?!

We really believe the steel handles option is a great new addition to our Treadlite Broadfork line! Be sure to check out our Products Page for more info and pictures of our all steel Treadlite Broadfork as well as the steel handle upgrade.

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