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Busy Busy Busy

All of you who have kids know how life is BUSY BUSY BUSY! This year we added our 3rd little to the family, another #farmher -- Poor Travis is a little outnumbered, but it could be worse than having 4 lovely ladies in your family right?! ;) Being a family of 5 has definitely been an adjustment that we are still getting used to, but we decided why not add a little more fun to the madness and took on the challenge of updating our broadfork product line this year too.

It may have been a lot but are we ever glad we made the transition to our new Treadlite Broadfork style for these BIG reasons:

**More user friendly in both assembly and tool maintenance

**Lighter weight and greater strength

**More tool size options

We still love our old Talon models but this new upgrade is awesome! Some of our early on gardeners have upgraded to the new model as well and they say across the board they are pleased with the improvements in their new Treadlite Broadfork. Check out our reviews page to hear it straight from our farmers and gardeners.

If you are reading this and have a Talon model Treadlite Broadfork but are interested in a new style maybe in a new size or same size but would just like the upgrade, you are in luck! Send us a message from our contact us page with the subject line "Talon Upgrade" and we will send you back a 10% off discount code for being a repeat customer. :)

We hope to hear from you!

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