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2018 Bucket List

Like many of us the New Year has sparked conversations with us about resolutions, goals, hopes and dreams for the new year. So here goes, we want to share some of our exciting plans with you!

Resolution: We want to provide better communication with our customers through newsletters, blog posts and social media. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter (on our home page) and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @Treadlitemommy (links on our home page).

Goal: Here it comes! Our new broadfork design has been a work in progress for a few years and we are finally ready to share it with our gardeners and farmers. The new Treadlite Broadfork model (still working on the name) will have a round handle, rather than our current square handle at the base and the new handle mount style will provide even greater strength than ever before for serious digging. We will also be offering multiple styles with different numbers of tines as well as different step tube widths depending on your tilling needs and bed size. Goal for this roll-out is the end of January, we will be posting pictures ASAP once we have our first official prototype back from powder coat finish.

*We will still be offering our current Talon model through at least the 2018 spring season.

Goal: We are over-hauling our garden this year and are already anxious for the snow to melt! Definitely trying to remember patience is a virtue right now as the temps are well below zero here for the second straight week. Anyway, this fall we set up our chicken's run over our garden beds and allowed them to work their magic tearing up and fertilizing our soil. Our plan this spring is to broadfork the entire thing and make our space more organized, beautiful and functional. Here is what we want to include:

*30" wide beds

*A new, larger hoop house for our early season crops (here in WI it's so great to get started a little earlier)

*A tiered round installation of beds for our lilies, zinnias and assorted cut flowers

*A new "secret garden" door that we are going to cut out from our hedge that is the border on one wall of our garden

*A new raised bed installation to expand our raspberry crop

Hope/Dream: We are hoping to spread our wings as a family this year and spend more time traveling, making memories, and taking our broadfork on the road with us. We made a big purchase this year on a Sprinter van and are planning to renovate our van into our family home on wheels. Yes we know, it's a massive project and our friends and family have already told us we are crazy... but crazy keeps it interesting, right?!? ;)

Cheers to the New Year! We hope you have had a great start to the year and have some plans that have you excited for the opportunities that lie ahead in 2018!

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