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Central America Here We Come!

We like to think of the gardening community as a wonderful extended family and we love it when our Treadlite family grows! Just this season our family has taken a big jump and started digging in Central America.... I know, so exciting right!?! An awesome local WI farmer we met works with an orphanage in Guatemala and sent down a few of our broadforks to help them with their soil prep and harvest as they produce their own food for their orphanage. I mean really does it get any more awesome?!?

This touches my heart in a special way as it has been a dream of mine to always travel abroad to work with those in need to build structures, grow food, and educate. Right now our lives are so busy here at home we haven't had the opportunity to break away and do philanthropic work like this, but knowing that our broadforks are going in my stead to help others in need really hits me in all the feels! And I am still hopefully that when life slows down a little our family can do some international travel and share and give to others because really isn't this life all about, making connections and building relationships? Ahh there I go getting all sentimental again... anyway WELCOME Guatemala to the Treadlite Family, we are so glad to have you join us!

Happy Digging :)

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