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Welcome Summer!

School is officially out for the summer and we are soaking up all of our favorite things - family time, warm weather, working in the garden, grilling, and dipping our toes in the water (lake and kiddie pool 😉) As you may know traditions are one of my favorite things and summer is packed full of awesome traditions!  

I carried on one from my childhood with my own girls this year... when my mom would pick us up from school every year on the last day she would roll down the windows and belt out Alice Cooper's "Schools out for summer!" So yes, I was that crazy mom this year singing that song for my 2 year old and 9 month old as we drove home from last day of daycare 😂.

Now that we have had a week of summer and are settling into our new more relaxed schedule we are loving our morning routine of our garden walks to pick cut flowers and harvest veggies.  Our first few harvest crops have been green onions, radishes, lettuce and chives that Travis and Brooke love to chop up and put on their favorite snack of cottage cheese.   But my favorite part of this so far is when Brooke says "Momma look, smell these mlowers (flowers)!"  - now the Kindergarten teacher in me wants to correctly pronounce and model how to say flowers but the mom in me adores how she mis-pronounces this word.  I know she will soon outgrow this and will develop her 'f' sound, so for now I let the Mommy side win and just enjoy this cuteness each morning as she wonders at mother natures beauty.   

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