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Red Solo Cup

We love to start our plants from seed, and although it is too cold to plant our vegetables outside yet we have started growing many of our plants indoors already for this summer's garden. Here are some of our peppers. This year we are doing jalapenos, habaneros and sweet bell peppers. As you can see in the picture our seed starting cup of choice is a good ol' red solo cup available at pretty much all grocery stores and even on Amazon if you are like me and would prefer to have things delivered rather than lug around 2 little ones to the stores (especially during cold/flu season).

A trick we started for using red solo cups as seed starting cups a few year ago is to heat up a small knife or metal rod and pierce 2 holes along the bottom ridge of the cup before filling with soil and seeds. Heating up the metal is a key step in order to prevent the cup from cracking and breaking when you pierce the cup wall! Then, after planting out the cups we set them into a seed growing tray and fill the bottom of the tray with water. The holes in the bottom of the cup allow the water to keep the soil moist and provide water for the seed to sprout. Best part is the cups are re-usable year after year. Works great and saves money rather than buying expensive seed starting kits every year.

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Red Solo Cup

Plant Growing Trays

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