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In like a LION!

Happy March 1st, the month when spring fever really hits hard at our house! Just last week we had beautiful 50 degree weather... and if you're from Wisco or another Northern state like us you know that feels like a heat wave after our chilly winters! I have to admit we actually opened our back patio door at breakfast the other day just because listening to the birds chirping was such wonderful, happy music to our ears! The girls and I spent a few days exploring the backyard, checking out deer tracks in the mud, and spotting our garlic patch starting to pop. :) So AWESOME right?!? Then we welcome in March... like a LION. Check out the scene in our backyard right now... seriously?!?

While I may be grumbling about more snow and how the old saying better be true that March will leave like a lamb, there is nothing like a child's pure thrill at a snowy day. Brooke couldn't stop saying "Look Mommy, it's snowing! Isn't it lovely?!" Haha, yes Brooke - as much as I may not look forward to getting out the shovel this afternoon it sure is lovely. Another example of how I am so thankful for my children and their ability to make me appreciate the beauty everyday in the world around me. Life is good!

#backyardgarden #snow #spring #march #garlic

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