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  • Ashley

Happy Halloween

Yesterday was another first for us, the first time taking our daughters trick or treating for Halloween. Brooke had a great time going to the neighbors houses and her Grandparents house to say "Happy Ha-wo-ween" :)

The trick-or-treating was definitely fun, but I am a planner and I had so much fun getting ready for the big night and putting together Brooke's first costume! Since last summer she has had a fascination with ladybugs and loves finding them in the backyard as well as in books we read together, so when I asked her if she wanted to dress up as a ladybug of course the answer was an enthusiastic toddler "YES!"

Cue my creativity, with a little help from my better half who is the one who always figures out how to make my crazy ideas a reality... and we have (now I may be biased) the cutest little ladybug. My favorite part was her wings made from our large Tupperware bowl with black construction paper spots. Travis took a couple tap screws to the lip of the bowl (won't affect future use) to attach it to the straps of her backpack, making it easy for her to wear.

I don't know about you but it sure does fill up my bucket when I can make something new from items I already had laying around! Hope you had a fun filled Halloween too!

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