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Digging in the Dirt!

It's my favorite time of year... FALL! So many things this time of year bring me to my happy place. The smell and sound of the leaves in the breeze, crisp morning air, cooler temperatures, football season (Go Pack Go!), and of course harvesting the crops from our garden that we have lovingly tended to all spring/summer. This fall has been even busier as we added our second child to the family mid-September. Our little bundle of joy has been keeping me inside more than usual with lots of baby snuggles. Travis and Brooke (our toddler) have had to pick up the slack in the garden for me.

Just this weekend while Brooke was harvesting (AKA eating) raspberries, Travis was using our Treadlite Talon Broadfork to till up one of our beds in prep for planting garlic for next year. We are in our second season of growing Italian Purple Stripe Hardneck Garlic. Our harvest this summer was quite bountiful, I preserved the garlic by drying and freezing the cloves and had enough left over for our fall planting for next season. I am looking forward to enjoying the taste of summer all winter long when I cook with our home-grown garlic. My tastebuds are already salivating! I think maybe a spaghetti dinner is in store for tonight. :)

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