The Plow Broadfork          (XL 14" tines)

Looking for deeper cultivation and aid in deep root crop harvest?  The Plow Treadlite Broadfork is for you!  The 20" wide step tube makes The Plow Broadfork a highly maneuverable, lightweight tool in any size bed.  The Plow Broadfork tines cultivate a true 14" deep into the soil. 


Strengths of this model include:


  • Deepest till
  • Soil aeration
  • Breaking new ground
  • Prepping and turning over beds
  • Harvesting crops
  • Great for use in hard-pan soil




Choose your desired handle style from our ash wood, alloy steel or the deluxe combo set to use both styles interchangeably in your Treadlite Broadfork. 


HANDLE RECOMMENDATION: The steel handles are preferred with The Plow Broadfork due to greater leverage in the soil with the longer tines.  The steel handles will provide superior strength in hard soil and when breaking new ground.

*If you prefer the ash wood handles for a lighter tool, they will perform well with care.






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The Plow Broadfork (XL 14" tines)

  • Technical Specs

    Width: 20" wide round step tube

    Tines: 4 tines at a true 14" length from the step tube

    Weight: 12 - 15 lbs (depending on handle choice)

    Finish Coat: Powder Coating or Natural Coating 

    Handles: Ash wood or alloy steel using our "through-tube" clamping technology to provide superior strength