We are SUPER excited to be introducing our new natural coating on our Treadlite Broadforks for the 2020 growing season!  We will be doing a limited quantity this year so be sure to order yours today! 


This new Treadlite Broadfork natural coating is a mixture of beeswax and linseed oil which we hand apply to each tool.  Ideal for our organic growers or those looking for an all natural alternative to powder coat.  


Please note that while this new natural coating will require maintenance over time (similar to a cast iron pan) it is maintenable by our growers.  A point to consider when deciding between the natural coating and our traditional powder coat blue, which yes is beautiful, but over time will wear off and is not as easily repairable.  


Additional bottles of our natural coating will also be available for purchase as an add-on item.  

Pre-Order Natural Coating Treadlite Broadfork

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