Farmer Spotlight

Mike @the_fit_farmer_ and Lacie Dickson @yurt.momma are farmers and homesteaders on their

farm, Big Pond Farm, in Concord, North Carolina.  They are a nature loving family who left hustle and

bustle of city life for the country homesteading life.  On their youTube channel they share their family's successes and struggles of homesteading to help guide others who are embarking on this adventure.  In this video Mike and his family open and assemble an exciting mystery package that has arrived on their farm.. spoiler alert - it's their                 Treadlite Broadfork.  ;)  


 Mike uses his background from a professional career in health and fitness with his passion for farming to create fun family friendly videos to support a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  Be sure to check out more videos from Big Pond Farm on their youTube channel (link below) and follow them to stay up to date on their homesteading adventure!  

Thanks Dickson family for being an advocate for sustainability! 

Past Treadlite Family Farmers

Steven Cornett is an urban farmer and permaculturist in San Diego, CA. He has converted his
backyard into a 3000 sq ft no till market garden in which he grows produce for local San Diego
restaurants, families and the La Mesa farmers market. If you live in the San Diego area Steven
also offers consulting design work for your farm/garden as well as in-person lessons in farm and
gardening skills and techniques.

Steven also runs a YouTube channel known as Nature’s Always Right in which he works to
educate others on the benefits of self sufficiency in order to help regenerate our families,
communities, and ecosystems.

Visit his channel here:
Just recently Steven has done a few educational videos on broadforking using his Treadlite
Broadfork. Way to go Steven for being an advocate for nature and self sufficient living.

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(920) 944-8060