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Why use a broadfork?

Watch Farmer Steven break down why broadforking is so AWESOME! 

Check out and follow his YouTube channel "Nature's Always Right" for lots more great gardening tips and techniques.

We love broadforking, let us count the ways...

How it digs so smoothly!

Holding the broadfork handles set the broadfork in place and push the tines into the soil.  To get more depth with your tines use your foot along the round step tube to dig into the soil.  Now let the ergonomic design of our broadfork work as a lever to do what it does best, aerate and loosen the soil.  Lastly, repeat!  The Treadlite Broadfork excels at loosening your soil for aeration, drainage and harvesting.  


American Made

Our all American-Made tool is light enough to use all day and built to last. The Treadlite Broadfork head is made from 1/4" grade 80 steel sourced from the midwest.  The parts are cut out by a local metal fabrication shop in Wisconsin and assembled for you at our Treadlite workshop in Wisconsin.  The 48" long handles are made of North American White Ash sourced from Maine. 

Eco - Friendly

In the battle of rototiller vs. broadfork we believe there is a clear winner.... the Treadlite Broadfork! With a broadfork you will have no burning gasoline, no oil changes or rough starts, this tool is ready when you are and penetrates the soil deeper than a rototiller. Perfect for the raised bed gardener! 

Ease of Use

The agitation caused by the Treadlite Broadfork tines is remarkable to most first time users.  The Treadlite Broadfork offers an optimal balance of weight and strength, owed to the minimal use of heavy plate steel and the addition of wood handles.  Weighing in at 10 lbs it is the lightest broadfork on the market! 

Natural Processes

Layer after layer, last year's plants break down to feed this years in the natural soil building process. As gardeners, it is our goal to protect these layers while ensuring the soil stays loose for new growth and accepts moisture to the roots of our plants. With the help of a Treadlite broadfork you will be able to provide essential aeration gently without the downside of a rototiller that disrupts these natural processes and exposes submerged weed seeds. 

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